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Super Bowls and Pageants- More Similar Than We Think?

With millions of people watching at home and in Glendale, Arizona, you would have to be hiding under a rock to not notice the game and how the tables turned. I think the Katy Perry, Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz half-time show was absolutely awesome! The best half-time performance I had ever seen. The animatronic lion and the multitude of costume changes was an accomplishment in and of itself.

The commercials- who does not love a good puppy commercial? The Budweiser Clydesdales and the puppy were priceless. I have to say I give kudos also to Chevrolet as they announced streaming availability in the Chevrolet Colorado. The snowy television screen really got your attention. I stopped what I was doing.
As I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, January 31, 2015 and it was a nail biting game. I could not help but see similarities with pageants. Players train countless hours, practicing and strategizing their plays and making sure they are in top notch shape to endure the physical activity of the game.

Competing in pageantry is similar–it is in fact a competition. You practice modeling to a certain degree and staying up on your current events in case you are asked about a recent news event. You want to be as prepared as possible in all aspects. You must run on all cylinders so to speak, both physically and mentally. Which means, eating rights, getting rest, drinking plenty of water, so you are your best self.
Contestants work out, practice interview questions, practice walking and stage presence. They have an action plan or a strategy. Sports teams have strategies as well and must work to accomplish their goals.

That being said, the Super Bowl took a different turn than what was originally expected and or projected. Sometimes pageants can do. In the wise words of the now deceased pageant photographer, David Bartley, the contestant that wins is the most prepared and makes the least mistakes.
One wrong step can change your fate in an instant –as we saw in Super Bowl Forty-nine.

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad?
What is your favorite half-time performance ever?

Welcome 2015! April 24 and 25 Crowned Princess Charm Pageants Will Be in Louisville!

One of my perennial goals is to blog on a regular basis. While I always have the best of intentions, sometimes that falls by the wayside as life gets in the way. The New Year kicked off for me with a Mother with a detached retina and a sister in the ICU for seven days. To my pageant family, friends and Facebook contacts, I appreciate all of the prayers and support that you have sent to my family. It means so much! Things are moving in the right direction and that is all I can hope for.

My blog is late for 2015, but we are still in January. I hope that your New Year’s Resolutions have something great in mind– pageantry, perhaps. This year, the Crowned Princess Charm Pageant has moved to Louisville, KY at the Ramada Inn Conference Center, April 24 and 25, 2015. I do hope that you will join us. Whether you are new to pageants or a veteran, we promise a fun time for you! I also need your assistance. I am seeking a theme for the pizza party this year. Any ideas? If so, please email them to me at Karen@distinct-impressions.net.
Brochures for the pageant have been printed , but with all of the family being ill, I have not had a chance to get them out. If you would like one mailed to you, please email or call (859)492-3025. The January Special will be extended until February 14, – to show my love for pageantry! Contestants can enter age division and specialty awards for $100. This offer will expire on Valentine’s Day! I require the $30 application fee to be paid at that time. You can call the pageant office at (859)492-3025 to pay by credit card or via PayPal at Karen@distinct-impressions.net.

Once the fee is received, you will receive your official pageant packet that outlines all the happenings of pageant weekend. If you have any questions, I urge you to contact me. I love pageantry as much as you do and I want you to have a wonderful experience.



Crowned Princess Charm Preliminary

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Inn Express

Georgetown, KY

Deadline: October 31, 2014

The registration form will be available on the website soon. The preliminary is open to contestants everywhere for ages 3 months to 27 years. Contestants in our system will compete in interview (4 and up), casual wear and formal wear. In addition, there are over 10 different optionals to choose from. We are a great starter pageant and strive to help your child succeed.

11th Annual Crowned Princess Charm National Pageant

Open to Contestants Everywhere!

April 24 and 25, 2015

Ramada Inn & Conference Center

Louisville, KY

Deadline : April 15, 2015


The official Crowned Prince and Princess Charm brochure will be available in September. The earlier you enter the more you save. We want to see YOU at the pageant. For more information, contact Karen at (859)492-3025 or email at karen@distinct-impressions.net.