We invite you to join us for a great pageant opportunity on April 24 and 25, 2015! WE WANT TO SEE YOU IN LOUISVILLE!

During pageant weekend we will crown 8 division winners and 5 Overall Supremes , plus one Overall Grand Supreme! Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Winners will receive CASH! CROWNS! TROPHIES! MODELING SCHOLARSHIPS!

New to pageants? Crowned Prince and Princess Charm Pageants offers a  rehearsal and pageant workshop to better  assist you. We want to see YOU succeed! Our pageant system is based on this premise and we want you to have a wonderful pageant experience. Contestants will compete in stage presences, interview ( 4 and up) casual and formal wear. Plus we have over 15 optionals to choose from including: Prettiest Hair, Photogenic, Outfit of Choice, Hollywood Glamour and many more!

For more information, download our brochure on this website or contact Karen at (859)492-3025 or via email at karen@distinct-impressions.net.

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We’re Back! Join the Crowned Princess Charm Family April 29, 2017!

I am delighted to announce that after taking a year off to have a baby, that the Crowned Princess Charm Pageant is back! Not only, do we have the 13th Annual Crowned Princess Charm Pageant, but we will host our first ever Crowned Princess Charm Diva Pageant. The double header pageants will be held at […]

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Mira Baker

Previous Contestant & Pageantry Spirit Winner

The Princess Charm Pageant is the perfect opportunity for ladies of various ages and experience levels. For those seeking a truly classy and enjoyable pageant, do NOT miss this chance to shine!

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